Torrecid Group is located in Central & Eastern Europe through Glazura s.r.o, with long history in the industry.

In 1925, it has been found by primary owner Evžen Frölich the company EFCO, which was centred on the production on frits, engobes, glazes, ceramic pigments and colours, enamels, precious metals preparations and lustre colours. The company offers the ceramic bodies and raw-materials also. Due to its comprehensive offer, the firm postured a notable position in the European market. Of this history reminds the current Glazura registered trademark.

1939 – The owner of the company became German concern Degussa. The following war years entailed for the firm the reduction of the production and cessation of its development however.

1958 – After the difficult period of nationalization of the company and restructure of the production, the company in Roudnice nad Labem, is given a new name – Glazura s.p. (state public enterprise). The seclusion of the plant in the East block affected it by the loss of the contacts with the ever more advancing Western Europe. The seller’s market has been concentrated on inland for the most part.

1991- Due to the social changes in 1989, Glazura became a part of Rako a.s., owned by German company Deutsche Steinzeug.

2003 – Glazura s.r.o. became a part of Torrecid group. Entering into the group represents beginning of totally new and radical period of Glazura. Thanks to the background of succesful international group and its business strategy, Glazura became a leader in Middle and Eastern European markets.

2010 – As a member of Torrecid Group, Glazura s.r.o. established representative office in Russia.

Success of Torrecid Group is based, among others, on innovation. Glazura and its people participate in innovation of all the products, processes and services of the Group. Everyday all our staff and specialists in branch of frits, glazes and precious metals preparations are finding new solutions to provide our customers with the most competitive products with highest added value.

Our Products, Services and Solutions

The frits are granulated vitrifiables of a special composition arising from the melting of ceramic raw materials and cooled hardly subsequently.

The ceramic glazes are milled frits of a special composition with the addition of kaolin, ceramic pigments, colouring oxides, tarnishing agents and other added materials. They are intended for the surface treatment of ceramic products for using in ceramic industry, e.g. for the glazing of floor tiles, wall tiles, roof tiles, tableware, earthware and decorative ceramic as well.

Ceramic colours
Generally, the ceramic colours are the powdery decorative materials, containing the fusible components pigmented for the most part by big quantity of ceramic pigments (or dyeing metals oxides) and eventually other additional materials. They are intended for the decoration of different ceramic materials, glass, porcelain, tableware, etc.

Ceramic pigments
The ceramic pigments are special inorganic materials of crystallic character produced by the calcination to high temperatures of metallic oxides. They are characterized by high temperature stability, high chemical resistance and guaranteed particles size. They are used for the colouring of ceramic glazes, ceramic body powders, tableware, sanitary ware, plastics and enamels industry.

Precious metals preparations
The precious metals preparations are organic compounds of gold, silver, platinum and other metals in solvents organic, thickened by resin to the consistency able to application to glass, porcelain and wall tiles industry.

Auxiliary Materials for Colours and for Precious Metals Preparations
Painting, lining and screen printing mediums, cover coats and thinners used to work with decorative materials.

Our target is to provide services to the customers solving their requests to create in tight cooperation with them the appropriate application procedures and in the case of needs to develop new and innovative products according to their demands. It is available the large laboratory and semi-industrials background.

The consistent quality of our products is ensured continuously by technical final quality inspection. The control procedures are specified according to the customers needs and they are guaranteed by modern instrumentation.

The company Glazura invests 2n the development of products, they do not burden the living environment, and as well as in the technologies, that decrease the possible negative influence of production technologies. It sets an example the recycling of the sewage water, the combustions products treatment and the utilization of thermic waste. The company Glazura s.r.o. is holder of the certificate Green firm.


Glazura s.r.o.

41311 Roudnice nad Labem – Czech Republic
Tel. +420 416 841 254
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Mefrit, spol. s.r.o., one of the leading companies in the Czech Republic for the production of frits and glazes, among other products, for the ceramic and metal sector.

Located in the city of Mělník, some 50 kilometres from Prague, Mefrit now joins forces with the Torrecid Group in order to offer the best service, the best advantages, future trends and the highest added value to its customers.

Your story begins with:

1908 – Establishment of J. Eliáš Praha Company, production of glazes and pigments.
1914 – Construction of two tank furnaces for melting ceramic frits.
1936 – Commencement of water glass production in Prague.
1940 – Construction of 4 rotary furnaces heated by means of ceramic frits oil.
1941 – Purchase of industrial area in Mělník, expanding the production of water glass and establishment of the zinc white pigment production.
1947 – Nationalization of the company and commencement of national management, the company was included in the Association for chemical and metallurgical production Prague.
1950 – The company joined Středočeské chemické závody (Central Bohemian Chemical Works), the production of ceramic frits expanded and the production of enamel frits and powders for bathtubs was established in Mělník.
1951 – The company joined Sfinx České Budějovice, the production includes „ready to use” enamel for small enamel plants.
1961 – Commencement of the ceramic bonds production.
1963 – The company became a part of Spolchemie Ústí nad Labem Mefrit .
1975 – Commencement of new production of ceramic frits in continuous furnaces with cooled frits on steel cylinders.
1985 – Commencement of powder production for electrostatic coating.
1988 – Development of frits for nuclear energy.
1990 – Independent company Mefrit was established with the head office in Mělník.
1994 – Company privatization and establishment of Mefrit,spol. s r.o.
1992 – Reconstruction of the melting furnaces and implementation of oxygen and natural gas melting with subsequent filtration of the fumes.
1995 – Implementation of the quality management as per the ISO 9001 standards.
1997 – Production of frits for greasing during the production of seamless tubes.
2002 – Commencement of producing the roof tile glazes and ceramics for producing spark plugs.
2008 – New filtration and neutralization of exhaust gas furnaces and new filter of technology,REACH-registration.
2018 – Incorporation to the Torrecid group.


MEFRIT, spol. s.r.o.

Českolipská 798 – 27601 Mělník – Czech Republic
Tel. +420 315 622 025