Inkjet Inks - Inkcid

The inkjet inks INKCID are manufactured with the most sophisticated production and control systems. Our exclusive R&D department maximises the inks quality to offer the greatest performance and the highest yield among the various digital printing systems.

  • Pioneers in the creation of pigmented inks.
  • The Largest producer and pigment inks sales in the world.
  • Leaders in innovation and development of inks.
    • Alfa de Oro 2005: Inkcid.
    • Alfa de Oro 2012: Keramcid and Metalcid inks.
    • Alfa de Oro 2013: D.G-CID, T.M-CID, Smartcid and Decalcid inks
  • The best chromatic range at our customers' service:


  • Complete consistency in ink manufacture ensures the same shade is used throughout production.
  • 100% reliable behaviour during the printing process.
  • The longest expiry date in the market:
    • 8 months since production date.
    • 2/3 months in the interior of the machine.
  • Full compatibility with the components of the machines.
  • Inks not attackable to the parts in contact with the machine.
  • Extensive controls ink-machine compatibility.
  • Inks and cleaning solutions adapted to the machines.
  • Inkcid inks are supplied in a container which has a strong cardboard outer layer, with an interior sealed collapsible container. This type of packaging offers a series of advantages due to its orthogonal design, robust nature and emptying features:
    • Maximum efficiency for palletising and storage.
    • Maximum safety for transportation and handling.
    • Environmental advantages:
      • The lightweight packaging weighs less than traditional containers of the same volume.
      • The cardboard used for the exterior is one of the easiest packaging materials to recycle.
    • The key feature is that: The transfer of the ink into the printer is carried out by safe and sealed connections, with the packaging completely emptying without any ingress of air. This avoids accidental spillages and ink contamination.


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