Torrecid Group's presence in Italy dates back to 1989. Torrecid Italy was the first subsidiary established out of Spain with a clear objective of positioning in the leading manufacturing ceramics market. Nowadays the structure counts on a team of dynamic people that together with the best technologies is able to satisfy specific needs of the market.
In Torrecid Italy we manufacture all types of ceramic compounds needed by our customers and we deal with all the products of the different divisions of the Torrecid Group. The company does not limit only to this, we also offer the most innovative solutions and future trends through Style-cid.
In 2000 it was incorporated Eracles S.r.l. a company of alumina balls and Eralox linings. Eracles guarantees high quality products for grinding processes in ceramics and offers technical service for the reduction of the production costs.
In 2005 the Torrecid Group acquired the German group REIMBOLD & STRICK/CCT, and with this, the Italian subsidiary Reimbold & Strick Italy was incorporated to the structure of Torrecid Italy.


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