CM17 - Color Management / Designer


Color Management / Designer 
Marketing & Service 
We are looking for a candidate to provide support in design and in color management to customers and to offer technical advice in a manufacturing environment in Japan. You will have the responsibility to identify and develop solutions to client’s problems, to modify designs and colors digitally and mechanically, and to provide prompt and accurate feedback to customers. Your will be offering new designs and assistance of our products and on the application in industrial manufacturing conditions. The challenge is establish good work relationship with clients and to continuously work and manage on a task until completion.


- Japanese: Mother Tongue level
- English: Intermediate level
- Background in Ceramic design, Industrial design, Graphic Design or another design related.
- Knowledge of Photoshop and/or Corel Draw
- Travel availability within Japan
- Driver's License
- Working in an industrial manufacturing factory condition
- Problem solving skills
- Good communication skills
- Team working capability
- Self-imposed

Torrecid is a global chemical company that provides products, services, and solutions to the Ceramic, Glass, Plastic and Paint productive sectors.
In 2016, Torrecid have opened its first office in Japan. It is the newest office in the group and is located in Nagoya. We have been introducing innovative products (such as ink jet technology, pigments, glaze and more) to major companies. The aim of the group is to be the world leader in each branch and in each project that is developed. Our objective is to expand our products and contributing to projects with our innovations; to provide our clients with the best competitive advantage and added value.