Supply Chain Management 
As Business Administration Graduates, you will be placed in one of the division in our Supply Chain Management Department . The placement will be based on your capability and capacity both in your personal aspect and in your technical aspect.

In our company, you will be given a comprehensive training about the field you’re about to entrance to ensure you can do your responsibility and fulfilling the needs of your responsibility. The growth of your career will depend on your achievement on your daily task and you personal development in your attitude and technical skill. Torrecid is committed to give wide opportunity to our employees and to develop them as far as their ability and capacity.


• GPA Min. 3.00
• Fluent in English and good communication skill
• Have interest with Business Process
• Enjoy to interact with other people from various background
Supply Chain Management

As part of our Supply Chain Management in our Company We Need People with These Characteristic:
• Organized and pay attention to detail
• Cooperative and high motivated
• High interest to tackle challenge and giving solution
• Innovative and open to new concepts and new ideas
• Good level in negotiation
As part of our Supply Chain Management in our Company, Your responsibilities will include:
• Handling the responsibilities given respected to your division in either Purchasing Division, Sales Administration Division or PPIC Division
• Create and improve the working system to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your work
• Control and do administration work relates with the responsibilities, including being responsible for ERP system of the company
• Coordinate with other department regarding your work and responsibilities and ensuring you’re giving the best support and cooperate with other department


Full Time