The most significant events that can be highlighted from the creation of TORRECID are:

The Torrecid Group continues to grow and a few days ago, a new company has joined the globalised multinational business group based in Alcora (Castellón). Mefrit, spol. s.r.o., one of the leading companies in the Czech Republic for the production of frits and glazes, among other products, for the ceramic and metal sector.

With the acquisition of Mefrit, Torrecid consolidates its global leadership in the sector, as the multinational is currently present in 28 countries and has customers in more than 130.

Torrecid has been present in the Czech Republic since 2003 with Glazura s.r.o., and now with the incorporation of Mefrit it consolidates its leading position in Central and Eastern Europe and other areas of influence.

Located in the city of Mělník, some 50 kilometres from Prague, Mefrit now joins forces with the Torrecid Group in order to offer the best service, the best advantages, future trends and the highest added value to its customers.


After more than 25 years collaborating with our partners in the Egyptian market, in 2016 has been established a new subsidiary of Torrecid Group in Egypt.

Since 2016, Torrecid Group has been present in the Peruvian market with a new subsidiary, to provoke the change through our innovation, giving continuity to our strategy of generating competitive advantages in the ceramic, plastics and glass sector with a global mentality.


Torrecid Group is present in Japan market since 2015. Since its arrival in Japan, Torrecid has brought to Japanese ceramic industry a new way of marketing, which we call Style-Cid, based on personalized service, development of innovative products, and revolutionary technology.

TORRECID BANGLADESH was born at the end of 2014, through our Marketing & Service team established in Uttara we are able to bring the latest technologies, Trends and Technical Assistance and Design support to Ceramic and Glass markets.


After several years working in South African market, in 2014 has been established a new subsidiary of TORRECID GROUP in Africa.


Since 2013 Torrecid Group is present in USA with a new subsidiary in order to meet the growing needs of the U.S. market and better serve our customer.

In 2013 Torrecid Group took a big step in Korea, establishing its new office and exhibition hall. Together with a passionate team sharing long term vision, Torrecid Korea aims at providing complete and customized service to customers for win-win growing.


Since 2012 Torrecid Group is present in Malaysia with its new facilities in order to meet the growing needs of the market and offer a better service to our customers in Malaysia.


Torrecid Group has presence in Colombia since 2011 with the purpose of responding in a more direct way the growing needs of the market and giving a better service to our clients.

Torrecid started operations in 2011, being the first Company of his kind to establish a facility in the Middle East region, one of most dynamic and fast growing ceramic zones worldwide.


Torrecid Group is expanding into the Russian market very rapidly. Those customers who have been working with us during several years, have evaluated the highest quality of the offered products, while new customers being at the beginning of collaboration with Torrecid Group get benefit from our main working principle: we offer not only high-quality materials for ceramic industry but also very important additional advantages as total technical support and consulting on production, implementing of innovative technologies, as well as newest modern designs of ceramic tile and decoration.


The Torrecid subsidiary on Vietnam was opened in January 2010 in order to be closer to our customers and provide a better and localized service to them.

Torrecid Turkey was established in 2009 in Eskisehir , Turkey, one of the wordwide leader ceramics markets, in order to give highest added value to our customers by a near contact and provoke the technological and trends change.


Since 2008 Torrecid Group has new facilities in Casablanca – Morocco to meet growing market needs and better serve our customers.

Torrecid India Pvt Ltd is the subsidiary of Torrecid Group in India that was opened on July 2010 as the natural up-grade of the Torrecid India Liaison Office created in May 2008, in order to provide to Indian customers high levels of added value services.


Is an engineering company for ceramic applications of the Torrecid group focused on providing technical solutions for architecture and interior design projects, with a wide range of techniques, such as ventilated facades, clad facades, raised floors, ceramic ceilings or dry installation systems.


Is the company of the Torrecid Group that offers a specialized engineering service in the new technology of digital ceramic decoration, introduced by Torrecid Group in 2004 through INKCID innovative digital solution.

Since its foundation in 2006 continues with its evolution and continues growth due to the full implementation of digital ceramic decoration in the field of ceramics and glass.


It’s a company located in Tortosa (Spain), dedicated to development, marketing and production of inorganic pigments and colors all over the world, that has been decorating ceramic surfaces for more than 30 years.

Reimbold & Strick is the German subsidiary of the Torrecid Group located in Cologne on the Rhine. With a history of over 100 years, we are a long-term reliable partner to all our customers giving a full range of service, the highest quality and latest innovation on all kind of ceramic products, design and future trends to the ceramic and glass sectors.

Torrecid Group is present in Taiwan market since 2005. Since its arrival in Taiwan, Torrecid has brought to Taiwanese ceramic industry a new way of marketing, which we call Style-Cid, based on personalized service, development of innovative products, and revolutionary technology.

SURCOTECH was founded in 1993. In 1997 Surcotech moved to a purpose built facility in Newent, Gloucestershire. Surcotech joined the Torrecid group of companies in 2004.


The Torrecid Group is present in Poland since 2004 and it is based in Tomaszów Mazowiecki.

Torrecid UK was formed in 2004 in the heart of the UK ceramic industry in Stoke-on-Trent to service the ceramic tile and tableware market.


Torrecid Group first established as Torrecid S.A. Representative Office in NongKae, Saraburi 2003.


Glazura s.r.o. became a part of Torrecid group. Entering into the group represents beginning of totally new and radical period of Glazura. Thanks to the background of succesful international group and its business strategy, Glazura became a leader in Middle and Eastern European markets.

We started our facilities in Cikampek – West Java in order to give the best support to our customers in East Java area, and in 2001 we built a facility in Tandes – Surabaya. In 2002 we move our facility from Cikampek – West Java to Cibitung – Bekasi (West Java) to provide even wider service to our customers in Indonesia. In the same year, we open our Showroom in our facilities in Cibitung – Bekasi, to give our customers better presentation of trends and future innovations.


The factory activity started in 1993 and operates in the technical ceramic sector; in 2000 Eracles joined the Torrecid Group and have been producing in China since 2012.Our Research allows us to constantly improve our technical features: high density and low consumption.


In June, 2002, Torrecid (Suzhou) Frits, Glazes and Colours Co., Ltd was formally established. The total land area reaches almost 100,000 square meters and counts on a high automatic manufacturing production system. The company serves the most important ceramic manufacturers in the country located at the major ceramics production provinces by offering the closest service.


Created in 1999, the main activity is the processing of zircon sand to offer opacifiers with different degrees of fineness worldwide.We have the latest technology in ultra-fine grinding and fully automated bagging process.


Torrecid Group is present in Indonesia since 1995 under the name of PT Torrecid Indonesia. Our business in Indonesia focused on providing services and solutions for ceramic tiles and glass companies. Indonesia’s main and biggest Ceramic Companies have become our customers since 1995 and continue to cooperate with us to this day in providing new innovation and trends to Indonesia’s ceramic market.


Torrecid Group is present in the Brazilian market since mid 1992. Believing in Brazil’s potential, Torrecid do Brasil Ltda was established on December 1st of 1993 in Içara– Santa Catarina. On July 1st of 1996 it was installed the most modern factory of frits on the country, with an investment of more than 20 million dollars in 10 thousand square meters of net usable area.


In July 1992, Torrecid Group opened a subsidiary in Mexico, the first one in America, following its strategy of developing competitive advantages for the ceramic industry, with a global mentality but with local service.


Torrecid Portugal, established in 1990, is the brand of Torrecid Group in Portugal and it was opened in a small pavilion with just over 500m².


Torrecid Group’s presence in Italy dates back to 1989. Torrecid Italy was the first subsidiary established out of Spain with a clear objective of positioning in the leading manufacturing ceramics market. Nowadays the structure counts on a team of dynamic people that together with the best technologies is able to satisfy specific needs of the market.


Al-Farben, founded in 1980, is a world leader company in the manufacture of colors and inorganic pigments for many sectors: glaze and body stains; glass enamel coatings and decoration colors (for low temperature, metallic effects, fusing glass, tableware, etc.).


The story of Torrecid Group begins with Torrecid Spain, in August 15th 1963, when its founder Mr. Federico Michavila Pallarés installs a small frit plant in Alcora (Castellón), with only 8 workers and an annual production of 800 Tones.