Torrecid Group is constantly growing all over the world. Our employees grow personally and professionally learning together with the best professionals in this sector.

Torrecid opens the doors in order to allow you to develop your professional career in all our branches all over the world. The different divisions will allow you to change the business sector.

is the key to our success


Since 1980, we contract mainly qualified people without experience, because we want you to obtain this with us. We need ambition, desire to progress and your co-operation with our project. We do the rest.

In Torrecid there are several ways for students, recent graduates or whoever wants to develop their professional career in our company, to enter. Scholarships, full time or part time and international training are options.

We invite you to find the option that fits with your potential and your ambitions.


Torrecid Group has companies in different countries around the world and offers the possibility of internships in an international environment, working with our professionals in a different cultural environment.

If you want to know our most important companies for internships click the following link: TORRECID WORLDWIDE


Torrecid offers you the possibility of putting your knowledge into practice. Our training programmes let you chose the most appropriate option for your situation:

  • Stay in practice full time or part-time.
  • Part-time stay combining your studies with work.

These options allow you to get started working on real projects and learning from the best professionals in the industry.

In Torrecid we look for the best leaders who want to learn and work with us to be trained and developed in our international business project.

Our presence in different businesses and countries all over the world, allows us to offer recent graduates who belong to our Business Group a wide range of possibilities in an international situation.

This follows two or three years training in forming, leading and collaborating in projects, companies and advising our customers.

All our international business are lead by people who started and trained in Torrecid.

If you are a student, finishing your studies or just graduated looking for your first employment, join us.

Torrecid is a Multinational Business Group where you will have the opportunity to face professional challenges and to go as far as your talent and ambition allows you.

The variety of companies and countries in which we are present allow you an extremely wide range of international possibilities. To work in Torrecid means challenges, effort and enjoyment on a daily basis. Our group innovation and leadership is the key to our success.

In Torrecid you will work with the best professionals in the sector worldwide and you will learn and develop as a professional. At the same time you will have superb opportunities to compete in today’s ever changing world.