The purpose is to promote university talent and the importance of leadership and innovation

At Torrecid we are aware that people are the basis for success and that the future development of companies and society depends on their training. For this reason, one more year, from the Torrecid Foundation for Leadership and Innovation Classroom of the Jaume I University, we have awarded the best final degree projects (TFG) and master’s (TFM) of the Higher School of Technology and Experimental Sciences (ESTCE) , as well as a scholarship to master’s studies.

The prizes for the best TFG and TFM have been awarded to Carolina Fernández Saiz, graduate in Chemistry and Francisco Sayas Doménech, student of the Master in Industrial Engineering. The criteria that are taken into account when evaluating both projects, TFG and TFM, are the degree of innovation and originality, coherence and the relationship with the scientific field, the viability of the project or the contribution to technological development, among others. . On the other hand, the two master’s scholarships have been awarded to Myriam Muñoz Álvarez and Alexandre Faus Redón, both students of the Master in Industrial Engineering.

Eva Alarcón, rector of the Universitat Jaume I, congratulated the award-winning students and stated that “the Torrecid Foundation Classroom is an excellent bridge between academic training and the business world, as well as offering a space of opportunities for talent and the capacities and formal abilities of our students are incorporated into the company ”. For our part, we have congratulated the awarded and scholarship students for their work and effort. And, the great growth and development of the Torrecid Group is only possible if we have the best team, and thanks to these awards and scholarships, we have the opportunity to incorporate great talents.

The Aula Fundación Torrecid for Leadership and Innovation Classroom arises from an agreement with the Universitat Jaume I that aims to promote teaching, research, development and innovation in the socioeconomic field of the province of Castellón and, especially, to promote university talent and the importance of leadership and innovation.