The decoration of ceramics requires inorganic powders which must be dispersed in a liquid and fixed to the item to be decorated. A wide range of organic binders, chemically very different between them, commonly called vehicles”, are available for this purpose.

The technique with which the decoration is to be applied (spray, silkscreen, decalcomania, etc.) and the working conditions (temperature, the distance between machines, the type of item the decoration it is to be applied to, etc.) and the specific characteristics of the vehicle (solubility, rheology, combustion temperature, etc) determine the choice of the vehicle which is most suited obtaining the desired results.

As for ceramic additives, they are chemical compositions of differing natures, which are used for decoration, as well as the correction and resolution of technical problems during production, or to modify certain characteristics of the materials and finished products.

1. Body Preparation Additives

1. Bending Strength Additive

This additive, used in a ceramic body slip, allows us increase the body dry bending strength. The increase of Bending Strength achieved can be used for different purposes:

  • SlimCID → Innovation
  • Thickness Reduction → Save Costs
  • Solve problems (Broken Tiles) → Productivity

2. Anti-BlackCore Additive

It is very common find in ceramic Black Core & Degasification problems in the body. With the addition of low percentages of this additive, Torrecid gives a solution for this problem.

3. Body Deffloculant

Torrecid has available a wide range of powerful body deffloculants specially designed for each kind of body composition.

Previous study of the body, a specific product will be designed to achieve a rheology that allows a Spry-Drier process as competitive as possible.

2. Glazing Line Additives

Additives Kit

Torrecid has available a wide range of products specially developed to modify rheology & technical conditions of glazes and printing powders. They are provided in liquid state making easy the addition in production.

Back engobe

We all know the importance of extending the shelf life of the rollers and having a clean atmosphere inside the kiln. That is why we develop back engobes to satisfy the needs of each of our customers.”

3. Additives Decoration

1. Traditional Decoration

Range of Printing Powder Mediums designed for decoration by Rotocolor or Flat Screen.

These mediums are designed to maintain the pigment in suspension instead in low viscosity conditions and long time stock of the inks. Their high stability allows maintain the density and viscosity along the production.

2. INKCID – The Solution

To be pioneer in Digital Decoration and thanks to the Leadership in Innovation & Inks Development, allow us to have available a wide range of products inside of our Global Solution InkCID.

4. Added Value Solutions

1. Sugar Effect

With this effect Torrecid wants to increase the added value of the product where we apply it. It consists in a dispersion of Crush Frit in a special medium designed to maintain it in suspension in order to get an application stable along the production.

In this way, we create a universe of textures and different possibilities.

2. Full Lapatto

Full Lapatto is presented like a revolutionary polished solution thanks its stability in Production, easy control and application.

It consists in a dispersion of Crush Frits in special medium designed to maintain it in suspension in order to get an application stable along the Production keeping always a good combustion.

3. Non Slip Soft

NonSLIP SOFT is a product that applied over a ceramic product gets a significant increase of friction coefficient values of the surface. Its main property is the possibility to get R11 & RD3 tiles with soft textures without change a lot the original tonality of the tile.

5. After firing Products and Third Firing

1. CoverPore

Solutions specially formulated to maintain the floor tiles properties in the time, protecting it of the dirty and making cleaning easy.

These products are guided for all kinds of surfaces, porcelain, polished surfaces, etc.

2. SekCID and SekCID Antibacterial

Innovative Coating that, applied in Production, prevents the adherence of water, cal and steam in the surface of the finished products. An added value together with the design that provides more hygiene, an important reduction of time and cleaner agents used, respect to the environment and a better durability of glossiness in wall tiles.

It is also possible give to the surface the antibacterial property through the SekCID Antibacterial Solution.

3. Self-Cleaning Tiles

Through the application of this Solution, the finished product where it is applied acquires the self-cleaning property.

This phenomenon is due to interaction of the new surface with the sunbeams.

4. Third Firing

Mediums are especially developed for decoration on third firing tiles. Drying times are adjusted for all kind of dryers. The pastes prepared have a fast combustion, guaranteeing complete decomposition.