Torrecid has set future trends in ceramic fashion with “Horizon, Mediterranean architecture” stand at Cevisama.

Another year and Cevisama has opened its doors to present the latest trends and ceramic innovations of the time. As every year, Torrecid has again surprised many customers who have come to know its stand “Horizon, Mediterranean architecture”. This impressive avant-garde house, situated in a strategic location on the Mediterranean shore, combines a multitude of designs and unique materials and latest trend that the Torrecid Group makes available to its customers. Among many others, we find multicolored scales with “Core Shell” effects, iridescent metallized surfaces evocative of finished steel and copper, different polished effects including aged polish and relief effects through the digital application of special additives.

Horizon, Mediterranean architecture, has been created under the STYLE-CID® concept, a different way of viewing ceramics. The Torrecid stand creates a unique and unrepeatable ambience in which the main protagonists are the emotions and sensations experienced while walking throughout the stand. This year it was possible to escape completely to a secret corner of the Mediterranean coast and to be wrapped in an incomparable experience that characterized closeness to the sea. Each and every one of the ambiences of this environment stand out for its avant-garde, contemporary and elegant style. The visitor is left with a longing for the ceramic products that Torrecid puts within reach of the hand of its clients.