Torrecid Group participated in the last edition of Qualicer, the delegation that deals with the quality of tiles who met on the 12th and 13th of February in Castellón (Spain) with more than 600 professionals from some thirty countries.

José Miguel Monzó, General Manager of Torrecid, participated with other companies in the sector in one of the outstanding sessions of Qualicer, “Large format and full digital growth forecasts and major opportunities and threats.” Monzó highlighted the advances that have been made with the development of large formats in ceramics, such as the possibility of using facades and urban spaces, be a prominent option for architects and interior designers or be a lightweight material and easy to install due to it’s thinness”.

José Miguel Monzó also stressed that with arrival of large format increases the value of products, with superior quality and lower production costs. This, together with the implementation of full-digital makes the decoration of pieces completely digital so there need be no two identical pieces.

Finally, the manager of the multinational explained that in large formats you can also apply the ECOINK-CID solution with which Torrecid has achieved the Alfa de Oro in the latest edition of CEVISAMA, with which it is now possible to decorate large formats with inks and water-based enamels, achieving a much more sustainable production.