Torrecid, in collaboration with the Universitat Jaume I, has published the second call for Torrecid scholarships for students who have graduated in some degrees from the UJI and who are now enrolled in master’s studies.
Specifically, these grants may be applied for by first-time students in the Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, Master’s Degree in Science, Technology and Applications of Ceramic Materials or Master’s Degree in Applied Chemistry and Pharmacology, as well as students of the Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering enrolled during the course 2016/2017 and to do the second part of the postgraduate course in 2017/2018 course.
The deadline for requesting the aid is closed on 6th October. Up to seven scholarships will be awarded based on academic and curricular criteria. The grant incorporates advantages such as compatibility with other types of aid for the same concept from any public or private organization. Applications may be submitted personally or by registered mail, at the headquarters of the General Foundation located in the Agora of the University.
In October a check will be given with 50% of the amount of the scholarship and the remaining 50% will be delivered in May.
These scholarships are a new action within the agreement that Torrecid maintains with the Universitat Jaume I, which has recently been ranked among the top 14 in Spain according to the Issue ranking prepared by the BBVA Foundation and the Valencian Institute for Economic Research.