TORRECID BRAZIL / Torrecid Group is present in the Brazilian market since mid 1992. Believing in Brazil’s potential, Torrecid do Brasil Ltda was established on December 1st of 1993 in Içara– Santa Catarina. On July 1st of 1996 it was installed the most modern factory of frits on the country, with an investment of more than 20 million dollars in 10 thousand square meters of net usable area.

Since 1995 we are also present with a subsidiary in the state of São Paulo. In 2013 we opened a factory in the city of Araras, with a built area of over 6,000 m². This unit is equipped with the latest technology and it also has an automatic preparation plant of enamel compounds as well as a research and development center for new products in order to provide the best customer service of the ceramic sector.

As in the branch of Santa Catarina, this branch also includes our showroom Style- Cid, in which our customers can find new solutions and future trends of the ceramic sector.

With the expansion of the Brazilian market and always remaining true to our policy of being as close as possible to our customers, in 2007 we also implemented a support center in the Northeast of Brazil.

Leader in its segment also in Brazil, Torrecid developed over the years a complete structure that allow us to reach the Brazilian market and other countries of South America, maintaining our level of excellence.

Our products and services

Our unit in Brazil makes available to customers a complete range of products and services that meets the needs and allows them to obtain a more competitive final product: frits and glazes, ceramic and glass stains, high density alumina balls, third firing products, precious metals, ceramic mediums and additives, raw materials, including zircon, and more recently, inks for digital decoration, as well as installation and technical assistance for printers using this technology.

Our contribution to the sector

Since its arrival in Brazil, Torrecid contributes to the development of the whole production chain, raising the level from raw materials suppliers to the final ceramic products.

Torrecid has brought the Brazilian ceramic industry a new concept of marketing based on personalized service, development of innovative products and constant upgrading in the manufacturing process, always combined with a package of solutions and future trends, allowing Brazilian ceramic industry to compete with the major ceramic centers worldwide.


Torrecid Brazil

Rodovia BR-101, km. 379 – Bairro vila nova
IÇARA (Santa Catarina) Brasil CEP 88820 – 000 C.P. 97
Tel. +55 48 3467 1700
Fax. +55 48 3467 1701


São Paulo

Rodovia Anhanguera /SP 330/ s/n km 161
Distrito Industrial / Araras – São Paulo
CEP: 13.602-040
Tel. +55 19 4042-8695