In June, 2002, Torrecid (Suzhou) Frits, Glazes and Colours Co., Ltd was formally established. The total land area reaches almost 100,000 square meters and counts on a high automatic manufacturing production system. The company serves the most important ceramic manufacturers in the country located at the major ceramics production provinces by offering the closest service.

The primary products of Torrecid in China are ceramic glazes, digital INK, pigment, Printing powders and various kinds of additives used in ceramic production. In addition, Torrecid China not only provides products to customers, but also provides a series of solutions and future trends in ceramic market. In addition, we also help our clients in regards to preparing their own catalog of products. This makes our customers feel all the innovation, service and added value that we offer them from Torrecid. In fact, Torrecid China leads the trends and provokes the change with its digital technology solutions. We keep investing R&D centre. Our R+D team is continually innovating to present the best stands and showrooms which is universal, elegant, timeless, unique and Customizable to all the market. Year by year, our STYLE-CID stand in Guangdong exhibition and showrooms in different area always attract the most attention and appreciate from the market.

Torrecid China does not only pay attention to enterprise development, but also concerns to social feedback. In 2008, we are awarded of the Energy Audit Award in China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park; in 2009, we were awarded of R&D EFFORT & Innovation, as a recognition of our effort during a crisis year; in 2010, we were awarded with the Special Allowance on Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection in Energy Audit Award in China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park which is to appraise our achievements in energy-saving innovations.


Torrecid China

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