TORRECID KOREA / In 2013 Torrecid Group took a big step in Korea, establishing its new office and exhibition hall. Together with a passionate team sharing long term vision, Torrecid Korea aims at providing complete and customized service to customers for win-win growing.

Torrecid Group provides the best solutions to the market in order to ensure our customer’s success. We do not only offer ceramic glazes, we also offer customized designs according to the market trends.

Thanks to our global company and its history over 50 years, we have accumulated enormous experience in every division. As an important part of the service we offer, a team of specialist designers and technical experts are continually developing new models that are tailored to meet the specific needs of Korean market.

From our exhibition hall, we are transforming our Style-Cid into the final product. Torrecid leads the new trends by opening new future possibilities. At the same time, our innovation combines with a sophisticated and customized design for Korean market.


Torrecid Korea

306,307 Unam plaza, 813-9, Wondong,
Osan-si in Gyeonggi-do, Korea