TORRECID MEXICO / In July 1992, Torrecid Group opened a subsidiary in Mexico, the first one in America, following its strategy of developing competitive advantages for the ceramic industry, with a global mentality but with local service.

In October 1994, Torrecid started its production in Mexico through a totally automatized plant in the State of Nuevo Leon.

In order to provide the best added value to our Clients, we offer them all the resources of a global leader organization, in:

  • Service: we take advantage of the proximity to our customers and the technical knowledge we obtain globally from the major ceramic markets in world.
  • Innovation: through the development of personalized products, that generate Trends in the market.
  • Process: through efficient quality procedures, and the automatized operation of our plant.

In Mexico we have three offices, they are located in the cities of Monterrey, Tlaxcala and San Luis Potosi.

Since 2005, at our headquarters in Monterrey, we have a showroom where our Clients could find different options and new product developments.

In 2010, Torrecid Mexico successfully completed its first project in relation with digital printing technology at a ceramic producer plant in Mexico.

In order to strengthen the ceramics market in Mexico, through placing ceramic tiles in spaces where traditionally were not used; we offer the technology and the engineering for installing Ventilated Façades.

As part of a global leader organization, we guarantee our Clients the maximum added value as well as the best innovations and future trends through STYLE-CID.


Torrecid México

Km. 24.6, Autopista Monterrey – Nuevo Laredo – P.I. Nacional
65550 CIENAGA de FLORES (Nuevo León) Mexico
Tel. +52 8181 545 757
Fax. +52 8181 545 758

Marketing y Servicio, Laboratorio y Oficina Comercial

Calle 21 No. 215 colonia La Loma Xicotencatl, Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala
Tel. +52 2464 628 916

Marketing y Servicio, Laboratorio y Oficina Comercial

Eje 126 No. 216-4 Zona Industrial, San Luis Potosí, S.L.P. – C.P. 78395
Tel. +52 4448 249 967