TORRECID MAROC/ Since 2008 Torrecid Group has new facilities in Casablanca – Morocco to meet growing market needs and better serve our customers.

Thanks to the use of the best raw materials, strict quality controls and state of the art production process we are able to offer the best value products on the market. Our role consists not only of supplying ceramic glazes; we also offer design and a highly professional and dynamic technical support service to ensure our customer’s success.

Our technical marketing department is able to suggest a full of designs to our customers to meet their needs. We also work in perfect coordination with our technical support laboratory. As an important part of the service we offer, a team of specialist designers and technical experts are continually developing new models that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each market.

The work of our design department is even more important in the case of Inkcid technology as it is thanks to meticulous image processing and an optimum selection and combination of the stains to be used that it is possible to improve the aspect like achieving a wide range of colors, making the product under development look very realistic and giving it added value. From our showroom we are transforming our ideas in your production incomes immediately.


Torrecid Maroc

79, lot Layali 2, 3eme etage
Berrechid – Maroc
Tel. +212 522 32 55 70