The story of Torrecid Group begins with Torrecid Spain, in August 15th 1963, when its founder Mr. Federico Michavila Pallarés installs a small frit plant in Alcora (Castellón), with only 8 workers and an annual production of 800 Tones.

Nowadays, Torrecid Spain is the headquarters of Torrecid Group, where from Torrecid actual CEO, Federico Michavila Heras, our actual president establishes the main strategies and instructions to be followed and to be implemented locally later on in every one of the subsidiaries.

It’s in the Headquarters where main investigations and developments are centralized, like innovation works to generate new solutions and future trends in ceramic and glass sectors.



Partida Torreta, s/n
12110 ALCORA (Castellón) España, Apdo.18
Tel.+34 964 360 900
Fax. +34 964 360 792

Al-Farben, founded in 1980, is a world leader company in the manufacture of colors and inorganic pigments for many sectors: glaze and body stains; glass enamel coatings and decoration colors (for low temperature, metallic effects, fusing glass, tableware, etc.).

The use of the most robust and efficient production processes and the incorporation of cutting-edge technology have been key to make Al-Farben worldwide recognized for providing the highest levels of quality and product innovation.

In addition, as a customer’s-oriented company, Al-Farben offers the resolution of color formulations, the development of pigments and colors according to the needs of each customer, the formulation of Tintometer Systems, design services and the technical support for the startup of manufacturing technology of technical porcelain tiles.



Partida Torreta, s/n
12110 ALCORA (Castellón) España, Apdo.180
Tel.+34 964 360 063
Fax. +34 964 360 625

Created in 1999, the main activity is the processing of zircon sand to offer opacifiers with different degrees of fineness worldwide.We have the latest technology in ultra-fine grinding and fully automated bagging process.

CHILCHES MATERIALS produce micronized zirconium silicate under the brand MICROZIR which is used by various industrial sectors such as manufacture of ceramics frits and glazes , foundry, glass and refractory

CHILCHES MATERIALS provide analysis service, tile application test, quality certification and advice on our products. We work in constant collaboration with our customers to find solutions to their needs.


Chilches Materials

Polígono Industrial Els Plans, sector ZI
12592 CHILCHES (Castellón) España
Tel.+34 964 584 030
Fax. +34 964 584 031

It’s a company located in Tortosa (Spain), dedicated to development, marketing and production of inorganic pigments and colors all over the world, that has been decorating ceramic surfaces for more than 30 years.

Our main customers are wall and floor tiles producers, sanitary, crockery and decorative objects but, as a solid and important member of Torrecid Group since 2005, we also supply all these sector any type of additional materials such as raw materials, frits, additives and other products.



Polígono industrial “Baix Ebre” P.O. Box 37 E
43500 TORTOSA – Spain
Tel. +34 977 454 015
Fax. +34 977 597 431

Is an engineering company for ceramic applications of the Torrecid group focused on providing technical solutions for architecture and interior design projects, with a wide range of techniques, such as ventilated facades, clad facades, raised floors, ceramic ceilings or dry installation systems.

Today Wandegar is leader in its sector, based on quality, innovation and service as pillars, to offer our clients the best competitive advantages and added value.



CV-16 Carretera Castellón, 55
12110 ALCORA (Castellón) España
Tel.+34 964 363 721 – Fax. +34 964 386 720

Is the company of the Torrecid Group that offers a specialized engineering service in the new technology of digital ceramic decoration, introduced by Torrecid Group in 2004 through INKCID innovative digital solution.

Since its foundation in 2006 continues with its evolution and continues growth due to the full implementation of digital ceramic decoration in the field of ceramics and glass.



Ctra. Castellón, 95
12110 ALCORA (Castellón) España
Tel.+34 964 367 215 – Fax. +34 964 367 205