Torrecid UK was formed in 2004 in the heart of the UK ceramic industry in Stoke-on-Trent to service the ceramic tile and tableware market.

Thanks to the use of the best raw materials, the strict quality controls and the latest production processes, we are able to offer the highest added valued products on the market

In addition to the supply of glazes, stains, inks, third firing effects including precious metals,printing paste, additives and mediums, and alumina balls, the development and implementation of these effects into customer’s production processes by the highly trained and inventive technicians who travel globally helps to maximise the effectiveness.

Individual compositions and solutions are given to match customer’s process conditions and needs through a dynamic and professional technical support service to ensure success for the customer.

We are clear Market Leaders in digital technology through our InkCid innovations, strongly supported by a team of inventive designers who continually offer a wide range of designs to offer new and different options for customers. Our designers,through meticulous image processing and optimum use of the numerous innovative and high quality inks available, offer customers the opportunity to work in Partnership and differentiate,anticipate and initiate trends to the maximum effect.

We are introducing STYLE-CID to the country in order to provoke the change through innovation, generating new solutions and future trends to provide the best competitive advantages and the maximum added value to our customers.


Torrecid UK

Units 1 and 2 Federation Trading Estate
Burslem – STOKE ON TRENT (Staffordshire) ST6 4HU England
Tel. +44 178 257 5744
Fax. +44 178 257 5718

SURCOTECH was founded in 1993. In 1997 Surcotech moved to a purpose built facility in Newent, Gloucestershire. Surcotech joined the Torrecid group of companies in 2004.

Surcotech is BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001 approved.

Surcotech specialises in the development and manufacture of precious metal products and lustres. Gold, platinum and lustre formulations giving bright, burnish and semi matt effects are available for screen printing (direct and indirect) and brush application. The products are suitable for tableware, glassware, tile, decal and electronics applications.

Surcotech’s products are available directly to its UK customers and are exported through the appropriate Torrecid facility.



Hafner House, Newent business park
Gloucester Road, NEWENT GLOS GI18 1DZ – England
Tel. +44 153 182 2225
Fax. +44 153 182 2227