Wandegar, a Torrecid Group company dedicated to engineering in ceramic applications, has completed a new large-scale ventilated facade project in record time. This is the second phase of the remodelling of the Villarreal CF Estadio de la Cerámica, a project in which Wandegar also participated a year ago with the installation of ceramic panels on the main facade of the Vila-real stadium, located in Plaça del Llaurador.
This time the works have continued to be carried out in the part of the building located on Blasco Ibáñez Street, which corresponds to the grandstand area, which has already been christened the’ Super Tribune’. In just one month, Wandegar has managed to radically change the look of the’ groguet’ stadium to be ready for the yellow team’s debut at home on Sunday against Real Betis.
The project figures speak for themselves. More than 2500 square meters of facade and 500 square meters of roof have changed the face of the stadium. For this purpose, it was necessary to use more than 2,100 120×120 cm ceramic pieces, which began to be installed on August 7 and, one month later, the work was successfully completed when it arrived in time for the yellow debut.
Now fans of the noble area of theEstadio de la Cerámica, which also houses the VIP Box and the company boxes, will be able to enjoy the final result of this innovative project, which uses the latest technologies in the installation of ventilated facades. A’ first class’ stadium for one of the main teams of the Spanish La Liga that also plays European competitions.

More information: www.wandegar.com