In the act, the resilience capacity of the economic sectors of the province was valued

Torrecid has received the 2022 Business Excellence award for its pioneering work in the frit, glaze and colorifice sector and for its ability to have managed to grow and internationalize, always hand in hand with its firm commitment to R&D&I.

At the award ceremony, the CEO and President of the Torrecid Group, Federico Michavila, recounted Torrecid’s history as a multinational present in 29 countries and clients in more than 130 that has never lost its essence as a family business.

At just 23 years old, he decided to take over the company that his father had founded, at a difficult time for the company, and led it to what is today the Torrecid Group. “I opted to hire people with no experience but with ethics and intelligence to create the future, who knew how to work as a team and had a sense of humor to believe that we could be The Leader,” Federico said.

For Torrecid, innovation has been one of its pillars of success. “After all the economic crises we have been through, we have the experience that we come out of them with innovation and by staying close to customers, suppliers and our people. Now, with the pandemic and the current crisis in raw materials and rising energy prices, we are not getting out by lowering prices, but by betting on innovation and joint work,” he said.

Finally, the mayor of Castelló, Amparo Marco, closed the event by congratulating the winners and highlighting the work of companies as generators of employment, “I am sure that we will get ahead thanks to innovation and hand in hand with companies and institutions.