About us

Learn a little more about who we are and what characterizes us.

Our history

Torrecid was born in Alcora on August 15


Our mission

«Provoke the CHANGE through the Global Leadership in INNOVATION to generate New Solutions and Future Trends to provide the Best Competitive Advantages and the MAXIMUM ADDED VALUE.»


Corporate identity

Torrecid is a unique company, with a unique personality within the sectors in which it is present. Our visual communication style should help convey the leadership and commitment expected of her.


Social contribution

Our No. 1 value is ethics, for this reason we become aware of the influence of companies in improving society, and through our foundation, we collaborate in different activities in the social, sports, educational and cultural fields.

Ceramic Collection

As a contribution to the exaltation of the town where he was born and prospered, Torrecid, in its own headquarters, has a magnificent collection of artistic ceramics from the Royal Factory of Loza y Porcelana del Conde de Aranda.