It is an educational innovation project for accessibility and inclusion

The Superior School of Ceramics of Alcora (ESCAL) has presented the social project of educational innovation l’Alcalatén Adaptada, which arises from the need to make the environment accessible to students and neighbors with functional diversity.

Torrecid has collaborated in the project with the digital printing of ceramic pieces in which the different spaces, shops and services of the towns are illustrated, so that these places are easily identifiable for people with functional diversity and children.

In total, Torrecid will print approximately 130 pieces for the towns of the l’Alcalatén region.

The two main objectives pursued with this initiative are, on the one hand, to create places and spaces to improve the lives of all citizens of the region of l’Alcalatén and, on the other, to raise awareness among students in all educational centers of the region that all people are different, that we have different needs and that it is necessary to perceive the difference with which some people live their day to day and the limitations and difficulties that can be found in their environment to carry out daily activities.

Aware of the influence of companies in improving society, Torrecid, from its Foundation, does not hesitate to collaborate in activities as positive and beneficial as this one.