Torrecid Group’s presence in Italy dates back to 1989. Torrecid Italy was the first subsidiary established out of Spain with a clear objective of positioning in the leading manufacturing ceramics market. Nowadays the structure counts on a team of dynamic people that together with the best technologies is able to satisfy specific needs of the market.

In Torrecid Italy we manufacture all types of ceramic compounds needed by our customers and we deal with all the products of the different divisions of the Torrecid Group. The company does not limit only to this, we also offer the most innovative solutions and future trends through Style-cid.


Torrecid Italy

Via Ghiarola Nuova, 80
41042 FIORANO MODENESE (Modena) Italy
Tel. +39 0536 910 707
Fax. +39 0536 910 680

The factory activity started in 1993 and operates in the technical ceramic sector; in 2000 Eracles joined the Torrecid Group and have been producing in China since 2012.Our Research allows us to constantly improve our technical features: high density and low consumption.

With compact microstructure and homogeneous chemical and physical features along the whole cross section, we guarantee high reliability and wear resistance, in every customer’s condition.

Eralox represents the solution to opitmize the grinding process and obtain an important cost reduction. It can be employed in the grinding of Glass, Raw materials, Ceramic bodies and glazes. Beside this, it finds applications in other kind of environments such as metallurgy or chemistry.



Stabilimento: Via Ghiarola Nuova, 90, 92, 94. – 41042 Fiorano Modenese (MO) Italy
Sede Legale e Amministrativa: Via Ghiarola Nuova, 90, 92, 94. – 41042 Fiorano Modenese (MO) Italy
Telefono: +39 0536 911648
Telefax: +39 0536 913388

The history of Reimbold & Strick Italy begins in April 1985 introducing the centenary German brand “Reimbold & Strick” to the Italian market. The company, belonging to CCT (Colores Ceramicos de Tortosa S.A. group), develops and commercializes colors and glazes for the decoration of ceramic surfaces in the Italian market.

In 2005 the worldwide group Torrecid took over Reimbold and Strick group and in 2007 Reimbold & Strick Italy moved its plant and laboratory inside Torrecid Italy’s facilities in Fiorano Modenese.

The synergy among Torrecid group, a group of professional technicians and the experience gained over thirty years of presence in the Italian market reinforced the partnership with ceramic customers providing them with a large variety of products, innovative solutions, design and future trends. Lately Reimbold & Strick Italy have introduced its colors and pigments to plastic and glass decoration sectors.



Via Ghiarola Nuova, 80
41042 Fiorano Modenese (MO)
Tel.: +39 0536 926978
Fax: +39 0536 926994